How I Store My Stamping & Scrapbooking Tools

In this third post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my stamping & scrapbooking tools.

The tools I use most frequently tend to “live” on my craft table. If you read my previous post called “What’s on my Craft Table,” then some of this will look familiar to you.

Small tools which I use all the time stay in my “black spinny.” This is the very technical name for it, of course.

black spinny tool holder

My “black spinny tool holder”

Medium-sized and larger tools also stay on my craft table, if I use them often enough.

scoring & cutting tools

Simply Scored Tool & Paper Trimmer (both Stampin’ Up!) Not pictured- my clear blocks.

Tools I use infrequently I keep in a few different locations:

1. shoe organizer on the back of my office door

shoe organizer for tool storage

Shoe organizer used for tool storage (Stampin’ Up! apron not included)

2. dresser drawers next to the craft table

dresser drawer storage for tools

Top dresser drawer – tools stay in the basket next to my punches (punch storage is another topic!)

3. inside boxes on my shelves in my office

office shelves baskets for tool storage

On the shelf below my stamps, I have several baskets like this one, holding tools I use infrequently

I hope seeing how I store some of my tools for stamping and scrapbooking will help you get ideas for your craft space. I am here to help you with ideas, if you need me! If you are local to me, I hope you’ll come to a class or event soon, and see my space “in action.”

FIVE (or more) Stamping Tools I Cannot Live Without

1. Stampin' Scrub (102642) (and Stampin' Mist-102394)

I tell everyone I talk to about stamping, you need an easy way to clean your stamps or you won't be as likely to use them.  The Stampin' Scrub (and mist) makes cleaning easy and FAST so you can change stamps and/or ink colors quickly. Spritz one side of the scrub with the mist to clean your stamp, then dry it quickly on the other side.

2. Stamp-A-Ma-Jig (101049)

I was a stamper for a number of years before I realized what a useful tool the SAMJ really is… and a customer convinced me that I needed one!  Ever since, I highly recommend this tool for precise stamping and 2-step stamping.  You won't know how you stamped without one!

3. Grid Paper (102787)

I used to only use my grid paper to protect my work surface from ink and adhesive, but more and more I find myself using the "grid" itself for measuring and lining up my projects.  And one pad lasts forever… it comes with 100 sheets!

4. Scissors: Paper Snips (103579) & Craft Scissors (108360)

I am putting two different types of scissors together just because they are both so handy.  The paper snips are great for nearly every type of cutting you will need to do, especially small areas.  However, the craft scissors are perfect for cutting ribbon… so much so that you will sometimes hear them referred to as "ribbon scissors!"

4b. Paper Cutter (104152)

Also an important cutting tool, I can't live without my paper cutter (sometimes called a paper trimmer). It makes quick and precise work of larger cutting projects.

5. Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine (113439)

A week or so ago, when my first Big Shot was broken and I was waiting for my new one to arrive, I really really realized just how often I use this die-cutting machine. Whether I'm using dies or embossing folders, there aren't many projects I make without this tool.

Honorable Mention: Simply Scored Scoring Tool (122334)

The Simply Scored Tool is a new item offered by Stampin' Up!, and honestly I wasnt' sure how much I would use it.  I had gone so many years already without a scoring tool, so I figured it wouldn't be something I used very often.  I don't make tons of 3D projects that need scoring.  I use this tool ALL the TIME now that I have it.  Even just to quickly score a card base.

If you have any questions about any of the above tools, shoot me an email or leave me a comment.  You can also tell me in the comments what tools YOU can't live without in your crafting!

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