Join the Birthday Club!

I'm making some changes to my Birthday Club program for the new year, and wanted you to know about it!

Members of the Birthday Club will receive a 10% discount on an order placed in their birthday month, a birthday card in the mail from me (if I have your address) or an email to remind you to place your order; along with all the perks of being on my mailing list: free monthly newletters and more!

You must be on my mailing list AND I must know your birthday in order for you to participate. You don't have to tell me what year you were born, however!

Visit my Birthday Club information page for details and to sign up for my mailing list.

If you are already on my mailing list, make sure I know your birthday! Check my Class & Event Calendar. If you see your name listed on your birthdate then you are set. If not, EMAIL ME with your birthday!


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