Art That Inspires… by YOU!

Today (January 31st) is 'Inspire Your Heart With Art' Day. So in honor of this, I wanted to share my thoughts on how paper crafting has inspired me!

Now, I’ve never considered myself an especially artistic person, nor do I find it very easy to create original artwork in the typical sense. But about 15 years ago, I started paper crafting! First, as a scrapbooker, then as a rubber stamper making handmade cards and gifts. Paper crafting has really inspired MY heart with ART! And I truly feel like anyone can participate in this type of art form… This means YOU!

  • whether you are 8 or 88
  • whether you are a beginner or full-fledged stamping artist
  • whether you have only the supplies you can find around your home or have a craft room to be envied
  • and whether you enjoy simple projects or your style is “over the top!”

If you’d love to try this ART that INSPIRES, then contact me today to join a class, come to a craft night, or host your own workshop!