Digital Crafting with MDS

My Digital Studio…  Try It For 30 Days for FREE!

I am so excited that Stampin’ Up! is offering a FREE 30-Day Trial of the My Digital Studio (MDS) digital design program!

But none of you have downloaded it!

To get everyone a little more excited about trying this fantastically fun digital crafting program, I have made 10 tutorial videos for YOU!

Visit my ONLINE STORE and download the FREE 30-Day Trial. I will then send you a link to register to receive my exclusive FREE tutorial series! Every two days you will receive a video on a different aspect of the MDS program!

I want you to feel comfortable with the MDS software and features, so you will know if you want to purchase it!

Download the FREE 30-Day Trial Now!

I’ve been a papercrafter for over 15 years, and I don’t have plans to give up my paper, stamps and embellishments any time soon. Digital crafting is a really nice complement to your “real” stamping and scrapbooking hobby!

MDS works with PC & Mac, and comes in 2 versions so you can choose what’s best for your crafting needs!

Please contact me if you have any questions. I am CERTIFIED in My Digital Studio! And I personally use it ALL the time!

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