Free Downloads for My Digital Studio

I post often about My Digital Studio:

  • Projects I’ve made
  • How much I love the software
  • About how each and every week (Tuesdays!) Stampin’ Up! adds more digital content to the My Digital Studio store.

I’ve neglected to mention that every once in a while, digital downloads are FREE!

I’m including a list below of all the currently available FREE digital downloads available. They are all linked to my Online Store, where you can see what each item looks like.

I’ve included the January, February & March wallpapers because they are still available AND because you could still use them in your digital projects by covering up the part with the month on it.

Do you know what else is FREE?!? The 30-Day Trial of MDS! And if you download the 30-Day trial from my Online Store, you can receive my 10 video tutorials to help get you started with MDS.  So, seriously, what are you waiting for?

Contact me with any questions you have!


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