[Series] 8 Great Reasons to Use My Digital Studio: 7 & 8

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Great Reason to Use My Digital Studio #7: Use Digital Downloads from MDS in Photoshop (if you already use it)

Maybe you are smarter than me and understand how to use Photoshop. Maybe you’ve even been using Photoshop for years for digital scrapbooking. I have great news for you! My Digital Studio content downloads CAN be used in other software besides MDS.


Great Reason to Use My Digital Studio #8: Use Digital Content from Other Sources (non-MDS) in the MDS Software, Too!

Digital content from sources other than My Digital Studio can be used in MDS! As long as they are compatible with the program and you know where to put them in your program files, you’ll be able to use them similarly to how you use the regular MDS content!

I hope by now you are as excited about this My Digital Studio software as I am! I’d love to show you even more, so RSVP today for my FREE “Getting Started with My Digital Studio” class on November 7th.

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