Different Ways to Be A Demonstrator

If you know one or two Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, or representatives from another stamping company, then you may have your own idea of what that means.  Did you know that there are actually many different ways to be a Demonstrator?

  • Business or Career Demonstrator:  You see how the Stampin' Up! demonstrator opportunity can really earn you money doing something you already love – stamping & scrapbooking! Maybe you love doing workshops, meeting new people, teaching others how to be creative… The great thing about being a demonstrator is that it's YOUR business and it can look however you want it to look!
  • Hobby Demonstrator:  Stamping & scrapbooking is your hobby and the demostrator opportunity is a great way to save you money each time you purchase your supplies!  You might only "sell" product to yourself, or you might occasionally sell to friends and family… as long as it doesn't take too much time or effort.
  • Discount or Temporary Demonstrator:  Some people view the "starter kit" as a way to get a lot of Stampin' Up! goodies at once, for a discount.  You might stick with it for a short time, or just let your demonstratorship lapse.

Perhaps you find yourself somewhere in between one of these "types" of demonstrators – that's where I fall!  I love stamping and scrapbooking, and I'm slowly building my business as time permits.  As a stay-at-home mom with a 2 year old, what I love about being a demonstrator is that I work when I can, and only schedule workshops and classes when it is best for me and my family.

If you can see yourself in any of these Stampin' Up! Demonstrator categories, and want to talk to me about the opportunity, then contact me!  I love what I do, and sharing it with others – and I can talk to you about my experiences over the past 4-1/2 years!  I would love to have YOU on my team!

Happy Crafting!


My Craft Room Renovation, Part 2

Well, my office/craft room renovation is still going strong, so I'll pause to get you caught up on the action!

I had planned to sell the craft table you will see in these pictures, until my sweet husband found the shelves that matched them nearly perfectly.  So, I only moved furniture around for this part.

Here is my craft table, originally in the corner of the room, on the wall with the door.

100_1641 Now it is on the same wall, but more in the middle. There is still plenty of room to walk into the room, and right now I have a chair next to my desk (just in case someone wants to visit me.)

 My bookshelves, right inside the door.

100_1640 New location of the shelves, in the corner where my craft table used to be.

I hope you all notice the lovely line where my painting stopped! Yes, it's beautiful!  Here is why I can't paint right there for now:

Not only is the desk preventing me from finishing my painting project, I also have to wait to hang my lovely new curtains.  In other news, this desk is for SALE – as soon as my husband tells me how much he would like for it.  So, I'll be sure to let you all know!  In the meantime, make me an offer.  The ladder is not for sale, and will stay in my office until I finish painting, only because it is so difficult to move.  I am also eager to finally take a picture of how the paint color really looks.  None of these photos really do it justice.

So, this is where I am for now.  I am very excited to post again soon with an update.  You know, painted and curtains up, and maybe some other nice finishing touches!

Until then, Happy Crafting!


My Craft Room Renovation, Part 1

I decided a few months ago that I wanted and needed to reorganize my craft area. The area consists of my craft room, which is now primarily an office space with craft storage, and what I call the craft annex. The craft annex is actually the landing at the top of the stairs where the craft table lives.

So I started to envision what I wanted for my spaces.  In my office I wanted to add shelves and rearrange the furniture to creat some space for my toddler to play. I also REALLY wanted to paint. I was tired of looking at the off white paint. My favorite color is purple, so I knew that I would choose that for my walls.

The first step to my office re-do was to move a dresser out of the office and into the annex area. To do this I had to empty the dresser. That was fine, because I knew I was going to put craft supplies in there after moving it.

old location of dresser Old location of the dresser, inside the office
new location of dresserNew location of the dresser, on the landing by the craft table

Next I moved my punches off my office door and onto the storage closet door, by the dresser.  This puts most of my frequently used supplies all in one convenient area.

new location of punches New location of my punches

Then I moved all the items that used to be in the dresser out of my office so that I could paint my first wall.  The wall by the window is where I am putting up nothing but shelves.  Here are before & after pictures of what I have so far.  I haven't completely organized my shelves, but it gives you a good idea of what it will look like!

before shelves Before shelves (and paint!)
 after shelves After my shelves are up!

So, this is where I will stop for now. Watch for my next posts about my renovation!

Happy Crafting!