How I Store My Stamps

In this second post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my stamp sets.

When Stampin’ Up! only carried wood-mounted stamp sets, I stored my stamps sideways between 2 bookends. Now that we carry clear-mount stamp sets, I only currently own FOUR wood sets, so this is what it looks like (too few to store sideways anymore!):

wood stamps on shelf

Most of my stamp sets are now clear mount, mainly because I own all the clear blocks, they take up less space on the shelf, and they are less expensive than their wooden counterparts.  I store them all in a DVD holder like this:

stamps in DVD case

I actually own 2 DVD holders, but my sister’s stamp sets are currently living in my second one. I haven’t needed it yet anyway. I do not own very many stamp sets, compared to the typically demonstrator! I try to only buy stamps to fill in “gaps” in my stamps – so if I need a flower set because mine retired, for example. I also earn free stamp sets sometimes, as a demonstrator!  It’s nice because then I can save my crafting money for paper, tools and embellishments!

How do you store YOUR stamps? Share in the comments!