Q&A: Help Me Fit My Stamps Into the Case!

For today’s Q&A I have a question that I had recently, with the solution!

I recently held a Stamp-A-Stack in my home where we used the And Many More stamp set in wood mount. During my classes, I encourage my attendees to change the sentiment for their cards to be what they need, so I get out many stamp sets with lots of sentiments. The wood mount stamps in the new wood mount cases can be tricky to fit back into the box, if it’s a tight fit.

I searched Pinterest, YouTube, and the Stampin’ Up! demonstrator website but couldn’t find the answer to “How does “And Many More” fit back into the case?”

It took me a few minutes, but I got all the stamps to fit easily into the case, so I wanted to share the photo so you don’t have to have the same problem! Check out the photo, click it to make it larger, and/or print it to mount inside your case.

This is how And Many More fits back into the wood mount case

Bonus answer: “How does “Teeny Tiny Wishes” fit back into the case?”

This is how Teeny Tiny Wishes fits back into the case

How I Store My Craft Punches

In this sixth post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my craft punches.

I have Stampin’ Up! punches (exclusively) in two different “body” styles. The older style, or “whale tail” is stored like this:


I LOVE storing my punches like this! I stole the idea from another demonstrator years ago. I especially appreciate how easy they are to access and see what I have. I have labeled each pocket, just so I can be sure to put the punches back where they belong.


My newer body style punches are stored in my top dresser drawer in another wire basket from the dollar area at Target. My smallest punches are inside (you guessed it!) another Iris container! I will likely outgrow this storage space and need to resort to another plan soon. I’m actually considering re-doing my entire craft area in order to maximize space and attempt to keep ALL of my supplies in my craft room so that I won’t have to run between the craft area and my office to get supplies.

I’ve seen a bunch of really great storage for punches. How do YOU store your punches? Tell us in the comments!

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed my “Storage Series” and learned some new ideas. I’ll update as I make changes. As I’ve said before, you have to work with the space you have and the ideas that work best for you, your space, and your budget. Let me know if you have any questions!

How I Store My Big Shot Dies & Embossing Folders

In this fifth post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my Big Shot Die-Cutting machine, dies & embossing folders.

In a previous “Storage Series” post I showed you that I keep my Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine on my craft table virtually ALL the time. So now I’ll show you where I keep all the dies and other accessories handy:


My Bigz Dies all live in two top drawers of the dresser to the side of my craft table. On the far right I keep my longer dies and the extended cutting plates that go with them. On the right side of the the middle drawer I keep all my standard sized dies and their coordinating cutting plates.


Just to the right of my dies, in a handy-dandy basket from the dollar area at Target, I keep my Embosslits, Framelits, Sizzlits, and Embossing Folders. The Embossing Folders are on the left side, facing sideways. My smaller items (Sizzlits and Embosslits) are in the Iris containers I have mentioned before.


I keep all of my packaging for my Framelits (in case I need them someday) but I do take them out of the packaging and store them in these DVD cases (clear-mount stamp storage) that you can buy in a 4 pack from Stampin’ Up!  I have decorated the outside of the cases with designer series paper, but you could also make a cute insert in MDS.  I plan to do that at a later date.

Do YOU have lots of dies and embossing folders? Share your storage ideas in the comments below. And, as always, let me know if you have any questions!

How I Store My Ribbon, Buttons & Other Embellishments

In this fourth post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store all of my paper crafting embellishments.

I don’t have tons and tons of embellishments to store, so this works great for me. I have 3 different areas in which I keep my buttons, ribbons and other small embellishments:


First, my ribbon is kept in these cool ribbon trays mounted on my wall. I’d tell you more about them, but I’m pretty sure they are no longer available.  I wanted ribbon storage that was NOT on a spool, so I wouldn’t have to UN-SPOOL everything just to take ribbon to my craft table or to a workshop! I have two of them (which I will eventually fill, I’m sure) but I really don’t have much in there yet. I keep my current Stampin’ Up! ribbon, ATG refills, and (for now) my StazOn ink in the bottom tray. The top tray (not shown) has all my retired SU ribbons, and a couple of non-Stampin’ Up! items.


Second, I have the Stack and Store Caddy from Stampin’ Up! I love this item. It holds all of my buttons, brads, and other small embellishments in the containers they come in. I haven’t quite filled this up, but I am working on it!


Finally, I keep some items in these fantastic containers from Iris. They are designed to hold 4×6 photos, but I rarely use them for that. Instead you’ll find my rhinestones & pearls, baker’s twine, large buttons (too big for the Caddy) and other doo-dads that fit into the boxes. Then I keep them in the bigger box on my dresser, labels up, so I can easily find what I need!

So, that is about it for my embellishments! I really don’t have a bunch, as you can see, but I’ve designed my storage to be able to accommodate additional supplies.  I’d love to hear how you store your embellishments (in the comments!), or ask me any questions you might have!


How I Store My Stamping & Scrapbooking Tools

In this third post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my stamping & scrapbooking tools.

The tools I use most frequently tend to “live” on my craft table. If you read my previous post called “What’s on my Craft Table,” then some of this will look familiar to you.

Small tools which I use all the time stay in my “black spinny.” This is the very technical name for it, of course.

black spinny tool holder

My “black spinny tool holder”

Medium-sized and larger tools also stay on my craft table, if I use them often enough.

scoring & cutting tools

Simply Scored Tool & Paper Trimmer (both Stampin’ Up!) Not pictured- my clear blocks.

Tools I use infrequently I keep in a few different locations:

1. shoe organizer on the back of my office door

shoe organizer for tool storage

Shoe organizer used for tool storage (Stampin’ Up! apron not included)

2. dresser drawers next to the craft table

dresser drawer storage for tools

Top dresser drawer – tools stay in the basket next to my punches (punch storage is another topic!)

3. inside boxes on my shelves in my office

office shelves baskets for tool storage

On the shelf below my stamps, I have several baskets like this one, holding tools I use infrequently

I hope seeing how I store some of my tools for stamping and scrapbooking will help you get ideas for your craft space. I am here to help you with ideas, if you need me! If you are local to me, I hope you’ll come to a class or event soon, and see my space “in action.”

How I Store My Stamps

In this second post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my stamp sets.

When Stampin’ Up! only carried wood-mounted stamp sets, I stored my stamps sideways between 2 bookends. Now that we carry clear-mount stamp sets, I only currently own FOUR wood sets, so this is what it looks like (too few to store sideways anymore!):

wood stamps on shelf

Most of my stamp sets are now clear mount, mainly because I own all the clear blocks, they take up less space on the shelf, and they are less expensive than their wooden counterparts.  I store them all in a DVD holder like this:

stamps in DVD case

I actually own 2 DVD holders, but my sister’s stamp sets are currently living in my second one. I haven’t needed it yet anyway. I do not own very many stamp sets, compared to the typically demonstrator! I try to only buy stamps to fill in “gaps” in my stamps – so if I need a flower set because mine retired, for example. I also earn free stamp sets sometimes, as a demonstrator!  It’s nice because then I can save my crafting money for paper, tools and embellishments!

How do you store YOUR stamps? Share in the comments!

How I Store My Card Stock & Designer Series Paper

In this first post in my “Storage Series” I will share how I manage my Stampin’ Up! card stock & designer series paper (DSP). I’ve adapted this over the years, and I’m pretty pleased with my current storage situation. It works well for me right now… and that is what will be important when you are organizing YOUR own space.

Full-Size Card Stock StorageFirst, here is my card stock, stored on wire shelves you can find at many different stores. To accomplish this paper storage, you will need a couple boxes of the shelves and a bunch of zip ties to hold them together.  I won’t go into how to build this today, but if you want more information you can email me! The card stock stored here is 12×12 & 8-1/2×11 full sheets that have NOT been cut.

Larger Card Stock Scraps & DSPNext, here is where I store my larger scraps of solid card stock and my DSP. The open storage sleeves to the left hold card stock by Stampin’ Up! color family. The open storage sleeves in the middle hold my DSP paper stacks by color family. The closed storage sleeves on the right hold my DSP, separated by pack, as well as one sleeve for storing all 3 colors of glimmer paper.  These sleeves hold full-size sheets and all scraps in the same holder. They key here is that I have labeled everything so I can easily find what I am looking for.

Small Card Stock ScrapsHere is my card stock storage for my smallest scraps. I used to keep them all separated by color in small zip-locks in one box, but I like this storage by color family much better.  It really helps me to NOT keep every single teeny, tiny scrap because I only have a certain amount of space per container.

Card Stock Card Base StorageIn this box (which is sold as a card holder, but didn’t work for me in that way) I keep my card stock, by color family, which is already cut into a standard card base size (8-1/2×5-1/2, scored at 4-1/4).  This really helps keep me from cutting into a full-sized piece of card stock when I already have a card base ready to go!

Card Stock Management During CraftingFinally, while I am crafting, this is how I manage my card stock and DSP.  Small pieces I don’t need to keep go immediately into the trash on the right. Everything else goes into the basket on the left (except card bases & full-sized sheets) for me to put away at a later time.

I hope this article helps you with ideas for storing your card stock & DSP. If you have questions, please contact me. If you have your own storage for paper that works great for you, share it in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas!