How I Store My Stamping & Scrapbooking Tools

In this third post in my “Storage Series” I share how I store my stamping & scrapbooking tools.

The tools I use most frequently tend to “live” on my craft table. If you read my previous post called “What’s on my Craft Table,” then some of this will look familiar to you.

Small tools which I use all the time stay in my “black spinny.” This is the very technical name for it, of course.

black spinny tool holder

My “black spinny tool holder”

Medium-sized and larger tools also stay on my craft table, if I use them often enough.

scoring & cutting tools

Simply Scored Tool & Paper Trimmer (both Stampin’ Up!) Not pictured- my clear blocks.

Tools I use infrequently I keep in a few different locations:

1. shoe organizer on the back of my office door

shoe organizer for tool storage

Shoe organizer used for tool storage (Stampin’ Up! apron not included)

2. dresser drawers next to the craft table

dresser drawer storage for tools

Top dresser drawer – tools stay in the basket next to my punches (punch storage is another topic!)

3. inside boxes on my shelves in my office

office shelves baskets for tool storage

On the shelf below my stamps, I have several baskets like this one, holding tools I use infrequently

I hope seeing how I store some of my tools for stamping and scrapbooking will help you get ideas for your craft space. I am here to help you with ideas, if you need me! If you are local to me, I hope you’ll come to a class or event soon, and see my space “in action.”

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